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“The science of vacuum is little understood by most people, and yet the applications of vacuum technology in business and industry are essential to modern living and to our economy. Vacuum use spans the world, from deep under the earth to the heights of space. With vacuum, we manufacture products, process food, preserve the environment, generate power, defend our country, improve health and advance scientific research.

We know vacuum. DEKKER is the leading authority in vacuum technology, with unmatched technical expertise and product knowledge. Our understanding of vacuum is generational. We have vacuum experts with decades of experience, who themselves had learned from experts with decades of experience. Today, a new generation of experts is ascending. With every project and client, we collaborate, learn and improve our capabilities. We have a passion for excellence built on knowledge.

As CEO of DEKKER, I realize the importance of maintaining this momentum in moving vacuum forward, ensuring that the industry is always able to provide the foundation in vacuum technology that the world needs to evolve.

With our website, knowledge database, Vacuum University and other initiatives, DEKKER is committed to consolidating and archiving our sum knowledge of vacuum, and equally important, making that knowledge understandable and available to the public. Our goal is to be the single, most comprehensive resource of vacuum information in the world.” – Rick Dekker, CEO of Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

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“We’re delighted to have implemented this solution for Dekker Vacuum Technologies,” said John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions. Dekker recognizes that the industrial product sourcing process has changed, with designers and specifiers researching and selecting products online. Dekker also understands that their online content has to influence the online research and selection process, by having rich content that is easily searched using modern search methodologies. Like many suppliers today Dekker wanted a cloud catalog solution supported by professional services, thereby minimizing the drain on their internal engineering resources. While searching for cloud catalog vendors, they quickly learned that the CDS Cloud Catalog solution was the only cloud catalog on the market that could render each catalog landing page under their main website domain of This patented technology greatly improves SEO performance by adding a new web page for each SKU in their online catalog, all under the Dekker domain!”

About Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

Established in 1998, DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company operating in an 81,000 square foot manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facility in Michigan City, Indiana. Over the years Dekker Vacuum Technologies has grown to be one of the top vacuum equipment suppliers in the industry.

Combining a talented management team leveraging more than 50 years of experience in the vacuum pump industry with a hard-working and dedicated support staff, DEKKER delivers the industry's highest level of service. With unmatched technical expertise, product knowledge and a commitment to exceed our customers' expectations, DEKKER is quickly becoming the partner of choice for an ever increasing number of customers.

At DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, we passionately strive to be one of the best companies our customers interact with and to set the bar by which others are compared. Every day, we take steps toward building loyal relationships by being helpful – delivering top performing technologies, application knowledge, and technical support. In the end, DEKKER is committed to becoming the perfect partner for distributors wanting to grow their vacuum business more profitably, and the perfect choice for end-users looking for vacuum technologies and solutions to help them save money, operate more efficiently, and improve the environment.

About CDS (Catalog Data Solutions, Inc.)

CDS serves Industrial Suppliers by providing them with 3D Catalog & eCommerce solutions that get their products found, designed-in, and purchased. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, CDS enables building product and industrial parts manufacturers and their distributors to increase sales by enabling their products to be specified into new designs, improve website conversion rates, generate high quality sales leads, and improve customer service. CDS SaaS solutions include the CDS ModelServer™, CDS Catalog™, and CDS Configurator™. CDS’s skilled and experienced professional services team provides CAD modeling and implementation services for the successful deployment of CDS SaaS solutions. The company’s customers include the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors in the building products, high tech and industrial manufacturing industries. For more information, call +1.408.550.8820 or visit

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