Catalog Data Solutions Offers BIM Content Solution for Building Product Manufacturers

AEC Content Veteran Joins CDS to Lead New BIM Solutions Team

San Jose, CA, August 2, 2011. Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a leading provider of online product selection tools for industrial manufacturers and distributors, today announced the availability of a new Building Information Modeling (BIM) content solution for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry, a new executive to lead the BIM team and a free downloadable Whitepaper, Becoming BIM-ready, available at

“BIM is changing the way BPMs create leads and revenue in the AEC industry as Architects, MEP Engineers, and Contractors adopt new tools and processes,” said John Major, CEO, Catalog Data Solutions. “Just as 3D CAD vastly changed the Manufacturing industry – the making of planes, trains and automobiles - BIM is changing the way buildings are designed and built. For some years, we’ve been watching this trend, gradually adapting our SaaS products and services to serve the AEC industry and proving them with a small number of BPMs. Now that the cost and productivity benefits of executing projects with BIM are becoming mainstream we are accelerating our AEC efforts and have hired David Bandi to head up our new initiative. David is viewed as a leader and expert in the product content field, especially as it relates to BIM. Most recently he was a co-creator of Autodesk’s Seek content search and advertising platform for BPMs. He brings 20+ years of expertise directly related to the manufacturer content challenge, whether it’s component management in Engineering or product information in Marketing. Prior to Autodesk, David was Co-founder & VP Marketing and Operations with Requisite Technology, the leading search and content management platform used by SAP in their sourcing and procurement applications.”

“Architects, MEP Engineers and Contractors, are driving BPMs to create a variety of CAD and XML formats to support their BIM projects. High quality and accurate content, directly from the manufacturer, ensures that every product can be confidently specified in the BIM model. BPMs need to be assured they are building their BIM product information right the first time, in one master catalog, and that they are able to leverage these digital assets to generate project leads and meet customer needs. Being BIM-ready, though, is far more than just having Revit files on a website; products need to be easily discovered and selected not only on the company website but through the multiple search destinations used by AEC professionals,” said David Bandi, Director of BIM Solutions. “I’m delighted to join CDS to build this new business. Combining my years of experience in content management for Manufacturers with CDS’s proven catalog and CAD publishing platform, I’m excited about bringing a more database driven content approach to help manufacturers become BIM-ready rapidly and cost effectively. Bottom line, if a BPM’s products are not in the virtual model of the building it’s unlikely they will be in the real one!”

About Catalog Data Solutions, Inc. (CDS)

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