Catalog Data Solutions New Analytics System available for 24x7 CAD Download Reports

San Jose, CA, March 30,2009.Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a leading provider of online solutions for industrial suppliers, today announced the immediate availability of CDS ModelServer Analytics to most existing CDS ModelServer customers at no extra charge.

Online 3D models are an important sales and marketing tool for all industrial suppliers and distributors and by using the CDS Lead Registration Module CAD downloads become sales leads. However you may not know which of your CAD models is viewed the most, or downloaded most often, or which users download the most, or what company domains are downloading which product CAD models/drawings, or what are your weekly or monthly or yearly trends? With the CDS ModelServer Analytics System you can know all this, and much more, right from your own screen, 24x7. Even if you aren't using the CDS Lead Registration Module yet, you just have less data but you can still see download counts and trends by product code.

Bill Hartman, National Sales Manager, Tompkins Industries said, "I'm delighted with the new CDS ModelServer Analytics - it gives me 24x7 access to a wide variety of online reports so we are easily able to track lead generation and ROI from our CAD download solution."

“At CDS our goal remains to provide Industrial Suppliers with innovative online product search and 3D CAD solutions that measurably boost their online sales and marketing effectiveness. The new CDS ModelServer Analytics System simply increases that effectiveness,” said John Major, CDS CEO. “CDS ModelServer customers should contact CDS to request an initial username and password for the now available beta version.”

About Catalog Data Solutions (CDS)

Catalog Data Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of SaaS solutions and consulting services that enable industrial suppliers to achieve a competitive online advantage. Since 2005 Catalog Data Solutions has been a pioneer in providing industrial suppliers with innovative online solutions that enable their products to be found and specified into new engineering designs. Catalog Data Solutions SaaS products help customers to enhance their existing website with enhanced Product SearchCatalogs, CAD Drawing Downloads, 3D Visualization, and Product Configuration. Catalog Data Solutions is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA and can be reached by visiting