Catalog Data Solutions Releases EDRIVE Design Case Study

San Jose, CA, March 16,2010.Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a leading provider of online solutions for industrial suppliers, today released a case study that presents how E•DRIVE Design, Inc. arrived at their current solution and what they learned from iterations along the way. Request the case study from

E•DRIVE Design is a West Hartford, CT based manufacturer of heavy duty precision mechanical linear actuators used in the high tech linear motion markets both nationally and internationally. “Initially we created a website and outsourced the CAD models and downloads to a CDS competitor on another website – this was our learning curve and we found out that this didn’t work well. Our distributors and customers first had to search and find the right product and price on our website then repeat the same search on the other site so as to download the CAD model they needed”, said Todd Pannone, Senior Product Design Engineer, E•DRIVE Design, Inc. “Then we discovered Catalog Data Solutions (CDS) and their Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. This allowed us to keep our existing website and pull into it the CDS Catalog and CDS ModelServer capabilities. Our web site now has the added features of parametric search and CAD downloads and our customers and distributors are delighted.”

Todd continued, “The main technical and business reasons why E•DRIVE switched to the CDS Online CAD Solutions were:

  • Achieve our goals and overcome the limitations of our initial approach – today we use one integrated search on the E•DRIVE site rather than 2 separate searches one on the E•DRIVE site and another site.
  • We keep visitor traffic at the E•DRIVE website rather than loose it to the other site.
  • CDS is a one stop shop for the whole service – not only the catalog, CAD generation/viewing/download solution, but also CAD download analytic reports. CDS builds and maintains CAD models so as products evolve or new products are introduced our online solution stays current with one point of responsibility.
  • Value for money – CDS’s SaaS Solution meant no software or hardware to purchase, just an initial setup fee and an annual subscription fee thereafter. We can add new products to our online catalog with 3D CAD anytime. Bottom line CDS offer much more value for our marketing dollar as compared to other vendors.
  • CDS was able to provide a customized web service to display our distributor pricing to a select group of authenticated website visitors.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by E•DRIVE for our leading online CAD download, catalog and eCommerce solution”, said John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions. “Technology and cost are very important but the key has been our joint focus with E•DRIVE on the best experience for their customers because that is the prerequisite for both E•DRIVE and CDS to continue to be successful.

Catalog Data Solutions helps industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions.

About E•DRIVE Design

E•DRIVE Design Inc. is a West Hartford, CT based manufacturer of Heavy DutyPrecision Mechanical linear actuators used in the high tech linear motion markets both nationally and internationally. A "standardized" product line facilitates stocking and national distribution; however E•DRIVE willingly modifies these designs to become a complete solution provider to the customer. For more information, contact E•DRIVE Design at 800.878.1157 or visit

About Catalog Data Solutions (CDS)

Catalog Data Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of SaaS solutions and consulting services that enable industrial suppliers to achieve a competitive online advantage. Since 2005 Catalog Data Solutions has been a pioneer in providing industrial suppliers with innovative online solutions that enable their products to be found and specified into new engineering designs. Catalog Data Solutions SaaS products help customers to enhance their existing website with enhanced Product SearchCatalogs, CAD Drawing Downloads, 3D Visualization, and Product Configuration. Catalog Data Solutions is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA and can be reached by