ASK Products sees immediate 500% increase in online RFQ's

Catalog Data Solutions Adopted by ASK Products

ASK Products sees immediate 500% increase in online RFQ’s

San Jose, CA, September 12, 2007. Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a leading provider of online product selection tools for industrial suppliers and distributors, today announced that ASK Products has adopted its CAD model download solution which is now available online.

ASK Products is an Aurora, Illinois based manufacturer of power and grounding terminations. Responding to customer requests ASK Products decided to offer 3D CAD models for download from its web site. “We frequently get requests from customers for guided product selection and CAD models of our products” said Steve Kase, CEO ASK Products. “By adding the CDS Catalog/ Locator/ Configurator to our website, we are meeting those requests and we have already seen a 5 fold increase in online RFQ’s.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by ASK Products for our leading online solution, lead tracking system and affordable CAD services”, said John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions, “their early success underlines how important online product selection and 3D models are as sales and marketing tools for all industrial suppliers. Studies show that over 90% of designers and engineers now use the Internet to locate components for their new designs.”

Catalog Data Solutions helps industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions.

About ASK Products
ASK Products manufactures and distributes high voltage electrical lugs and connectors for power and grounding applications in the Automotive and Truck, Telcom, and Off Road/OEM industries. Its products are also widely used in and meet specifications for Military/TACOM/Navy applications. For more information visit the company’s web site at

About Catalog Data Solutions (CDS)
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