Is your website Catalog crushing the competition?

CATALOG for my website

Before your industrial products can be purchased online they have to be found online. Once found they must be selected or configured before they can be 'designed in' or otherwise specified. Only then are they likely to be purchased.

The industrial buying process has changed and to remain in contention industrial suppliers MUST adapt. Most of us now search online for what we need, usually long before talking to potential suppliers. Industrial designers, engineers and buyers do too, especially when searching for the components and parts they need for their new product designs. How easy it is to find and use your website is key to how often your products are found, selected and purchased. - please click on the links for more detail:

1. Offer an Interactive Website - that converts visitors into customers and supports mobile devices

2. Get your products found online - provide a search engine optimized (SEO) site and an online digital parts catalog that makes it easy to quickly find the 'right' part for new designs - get your products found both by internet searches and local onsite searching

3. If your products are configurable - provide intuitive and easy to use online configurators

4. Ensure your products are designed in - offer downloadable 3D CAD models of your parts to save your customers valuable design time (downloading rather than drawing from scratch) and capture sales leads for each download (surveys and case studies indicate that 50% of downloaded parts are ultimately purchased)When CAD models are downloaded how often is the physical part purchased?

5. Enable your products to be purchased online - eCommerce to enable online requests for quotes (RFQs), ordering, availability, tracking

6. Integrate your eCommerce and possibly your Configurators to your ERP or other manufacturing control systems - CDS SaaS solutions, Catalog as a Service, CAD as a Service and Configurators all use web services to connect and integrate with your existing solutions.

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