3D Configurator Software for Industrial Product Selection

The overall Marketing Solution for Industrial Component Suppliers with configurable products needs to enable website visitors to intuitively and easily select from design options. Configurable products may be entirely custom products to suit a single customer and application or multi-option products - either way a configuration tool enables users to select what they need. Because users may not be experts in your product the configuration tool user interface (UI) must be intuitive and easy to use (see the white paper, Online Product Configurators for Industrial Suppliers).

Here are 5 steps showing how an online 3D Configurator can be offered within an industrial supplier's overall website sales and marketing - please click on the links for more detail:

1. Offer an Interactive Website - that converts visitors to customers and supports mobile devices

2. Get your products found online - provide one or more 3D configurators and/or a digital parts catalog to make it easy for visitors to quickly find, select or design the 'right' part - for a live example look at the CDS Configurator tool used in multiple different product configurators at Asco Valve

'The CDS technology enables customers to fit complex products to their unique requirements by accommodating great complexity in a simple user interface that provides efficiency for the user and visual feedback that helps and educates the user, ultimately shortening sales cycles and lowering the cost of sales' - Marc Macaluso, eBusiness Manager, Emerson Power Transmission

3. Ensure your products are designed in - offer downloadable 3D CAD models of any parts generated by the configuration software to save your customers valuable design time and capture sales leads for each download (surveys and case studies indicate that 50% of downloaded parts are ultimately purchased)Importance of CAD Download models to designers?

4. Enable your products to be purchased online - eCommerce to enable online requests for quotes (RFQs), ordering, availability, tracking

5. Integrate your eCommerce and Configurators to your ERP or other manufacturing control systems - CDS SaaS solutions, Catalog as a Service, CAD as a Service and Configurators all use web services to connect and integrate with your existing solutions.

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