3D Catalog Software For Industrial Websites

The modern 3D Catalog is an online parts catalog accessible via a browser offering all the information of paper catalogs plus, because it is digital, many other benefits including extensive product search, guided selection, lead generation, 3D CAD model downloads and ecommerce. Such product catalogs are sometimes also called an electronic catalog or ecatalog or digital parts catalog but the '3D' component is a reference to the product information including downloadable 3D CAD models.

Online 3D digital product catalogs can be maintained up-to-date continuously and are suitable as an integrated component of an industrial supplier's overall marketing, sales and operations. The 3D digital parts catalog should be integrated with your website, SEO, any configurators, any CAD downloads (to obtain sales leads and transfer them into your CRM system), ecommerce (guiding selling, quote to order, shopping cart or RFQ) systems (to place orders into the ERP and manufacturing systems).

The overall Marketing Solution for Industrial Component Suppliers needs to enable website visitors to intuitively and easily find, select and order products. Here are 5 steps showing how an online 3D Catalog can be offered within an industrial supplier's overall website sales and marketing - please click on the links for more detail:

1. Offer an Interactive Website - that converts visitors to customers and supports mobile devices

2. Get your products found online- provide a search engine optimized (SEO) 3D Catalog that is highly intuitive to search and easy to use search so your visitors quickly find the part they need. That search capability should be available as faceted, parametric, attribute, graphical and keyword search. Once the right part is found all the detailed specifications on a part detail page including a downloadable CAD model of the part in various CAD formats.

3. Ensure your products are designed in - by offering downloadable 3D CAD models of any parts you save your customers valuable design time (download rather than draw from scratch) and can capture sales leads for each download (surveys and case studies indicate that 50% of downloaded parts are ultimately purchased)When CAD models are downloaded how often is the physical part purchased?

4. Enable your products to be purchased online - eCommerce to enable online requests for quotes (RFQs), ordering, availability, tracking

5. Integrate your eCommerce and Configurators to your ERP or other manufacturing control systems - CDS SaaS solutions, Catalog as a Service, CAD as a Service and Configurators all use web services to connect and integrate with your existing solutions.

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